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Ed Pilkington and Dominic Rushe | The Guardian | 1/26/2015
Google took almost three years to disclose to the open information group WikiLeaks that it had handed over emails and other digital data belonging to three of its staffers to the US government, under a secret search warrant issued by a federal judge.
Aaron Chimbel | PBS | 1/26/2015
At most universities, students are required to take English composition courses, and at many others speech and/or foreign language classes are also required. Yet in the debate about teaching code in journalism programs, code is often reduced to a shiny toy.
Edward-Isaac Dovere and Hadas Gold | Politico | 1/26/2015
Aboard Air Force One — Tensions between Indian and White House officials over press access are heating up, as the White House Press Corps tries to preserve its ability to cover President Barack Obama on his trip to India.
Catalina Albeanu | | 1/26/2015
The Guardian is the most tweeted UK newspaper site on Twitter, averaging 392,358 tweets per week according to a study released this week by search optimisation platform Searchmetrics.
Brian Solis | Advertising Age | 1/26/2015
Over the last few years, "mobile-first" has become the mantra among savvy digital marketers. But a mobile-first approach seems to be more of an ideology than it is a standard in digital design.
Huffington Post | 1/26/2015
BUENOS AIRES, Jan 24 (Reuters) - The first journalist to report on the death of a Argentine state prosecutor, who was investigating the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, said on Saturday that he had fled Argentina fearing for his life.
Emily Steel | New York Times | 1/26/2015
A young woman stands in the middle of a crowd of protesters marching up a New York City street, shouting that she is fed up with police brutality, fed up with people saying that black lives don’t matter, fed up with people telling her not to be angry.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 1/26/2015
Two of the biggest buzzwords in publishing are “native advertising” and “content-management system,” as publishers have tried to promote their ability to create ads that are as good as the surrounding editorial content and the technology platform that delivers those ads.
Chris Smith | Digiday | 1/26/2015

In five short years mobile readership has grown from below 20 percent of the U.K. total digital publishing audience to nearly 50 percent for many publishers today, as several of them reported to Digiday last year.


David Sharman | HoldtheFrontPage | 1/26/2015
A regional daily has launched a weekly sport archives supplement as part of a major upgrade to its Saturday edition.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 1/26/2015
Pay for performance, long a mantra of Corporate America, wormed its way into the ethos of digital media over the past decade. The idea was sound: Publishing is under more than ever, with falling CPMs, so it makes sense to financially reward writers based on the traffic they attract.
Ravi Somaiya | New York Times | 1/26/2015
Things have changed at Bloomberg since its founder, Michael R. Bloomberg, returned to the office.
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 1/26/2015
Both firms would bid for the whole company
Jeremy Barr | Capital New York | 1/23/2015
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 1/26/2015