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Kristen Hare | Poynter | 7/28/2014
The whole thing started with a question — what was happening with the Passamaquoddy in Maine?
George Arnett | The Guardian | 7/28/2014
The New York Times has created an app which allows you to look at the word frequency of different words throughout the paper's history. What does it mention more? Brooklyn or Manhattan? Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?
Ken Doctor | Nieman Journalism Lab | 7/28/2014
When people talk about explanatory journalism, the focus is on new players like Vox and FiveThirtyEight, or on giants like the Times and the Post. But can connecting the dots trickle down to the local level?
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 7/28/2014
For most publishers, less than 10 percent of June page views came from traffic to evergreen articles — stories that were more than three days old by’s definition.
Press Release | | 7/28/2014’s Gary Sosniecki elected president of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors, to be inducted into Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame.
Ben Smith | BuzzFeed | 7/28/2014
Starting this Wednesday, Twitter users began pointing out instances in which a BuzzFeed writer, Benny Johnson, had lifted phrases and sentences from other websites.
Jeremy Barr | Capital New York | 7/28/2014
New York Times Metro editor Wendell Jamieson announced several reporter beat shifts in a memo obtained by Capital.
Timothy Pratt | New York Times | 7/28/2014
At 8:30 on a recent Thursday morning, Terry Orme, publisher and editor of The Salt Lake Tribune, walked toward his corner office wheeling a cooler full of beer behind him.

Press Release | The Dallas Morning News | 7/28/2014

Annual food, wine and cultural festival to be wholly owned by the Morning News’ events company.  

Stephanie Miles | Street Fight | 7/25/2014
Mobile coupon usage is on the upswing, with 75% of mobile shoppers having redeemed a coupon from their smartphones last year, and 80% saying their perceptions of a retailer would improve if that retailer offered mobile deals.
Alex Oleson | Foreign Policy | 7/25/2014
The chief executive officer of The Paper, a slick new state-funded Chinese media site at, launched his venture in a most unusual fashion: with a nostalgic confessional about a drunken night during his senior year in college in 1990.
Diego Vasquez | Media Life Magazine | 7/25/2014
It's been sparked by the great increase in quality.
Francesca Panetta | The Guardian | 7/25/2014
Today we launched our most recent multimedia interactive to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the first world war. It’s a summary of the war, but with a global twist: stories from the outbreak of war to its aftermath are told through the voices of 10 historians from 10 different countries.
Jack Sommers | The Huffington Post UK | 7/23/2014
John McDermott | Digiday | 7/24/2014
Diego Vasquez | Media Life Magazine | 7/25/2014