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Joseph Lichterman | NiemanLab | 8/31/2015
Construction of an expansion of Egypt’s Suez Canal was supposed to take three years. But at the insistence of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, it was built in only one — it opened earlier this month.
Thomas Erdbrink | New York Times | 8/31/2015

TEHRAN — Iran’s judiciary sentenced two people to 10 years in prison on Sunday for spying for the United States and Israel, but their names were not released, local media reported.


Michael Wolff | USA Today | 8/31/2015
From the early days of the commercial Internet, Rupert Murdoch has expressed his frustration and anger over the disingenuousness that has allowed, under the guise of freedom and innovation, a widespread appropriation of otherwise protected content.
Joel Simon | CJR | 8/31/2015
As President Obama arrived in Ethiopia in July, his National Security Advisor Susan Rice was asked if she considered the country to be a democracy.
Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 8/31/2015
A Mozambican journalist and publisher was shot dead on Friday (28 August) while jogging in the country’s capital, Maputo.
Emily Rauhala | The Washington Post | 8/31/2015
What's roiling China's stock market? A journalist, apparently.
Sahil Patel | Digiday | 8/31/2015

The Young Turks Network plans to crowdsource its way to providing local news and commentary across the globe.



Jule Gardner Banville | MediaShift | 8/31/2015
A buddy of mine who also teaches journalism and is a guy who’s on it when it comes to data and longform popped into my office recently with a great idea for a radio story. Small problem: He’s never produced audio before and the whole concept scares him.
Benjamin Mullin | Poynter | 8/31/2015
Reporters on assignment for VICE News in southeast Turkey are scheduled to appear in court Monday to face accusations of terrorism, allegations the international media company says are unsubstantiated.
Jean-Louis Gassée | Monday Note | 8/31/2015
Ad blocking started as an initiative by independent developers who wanted to improve our browsing experience. Now that at least one company, Apple, has made Content Blocking “official”, ad-supported publishing business models are in trouble.
Lauren Johnson | AdWeek | 8/31/2015
The issue of viewability, online ads people can actually see, is the cause of much Sturm und Drang among publishers and advertisers these days, but a new wave of media upstarts are hoping to sidestep the issue by designing ad-friendly sites early on.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 8/31/2015
Digital media companies may aspire to be the “Condé Nast of the Web,” a nod to the publishing house’s standard-setting reportage and photography — and, often unspoken, its ability to charge fat premiums.
Joel Mathis | Philidelphia Magazine | 8/31/2015
Big changes could be coming to the Philadelphia Media Network.
Katie Rogers and Alan Blinder | New York Times | 8/26/2015
Jeff Gammage | Philadelphia Inquirer | 8/25/2015