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Jeremy Barr | Capital | 9/17/2014
Users will also have the option to "follow" specific publishers and writers
Athlon Media Group | Press Release | 9/17/2014
AMG enters agreement to purchase Parade & Dash magazines, associated web sites and networks
Keith J. Kelly | New York Post | 9/17/2014
Parade magazine is about to be sold to Athlon Media, Media Ink has learned.
The Washington Post | Press Release | 9/17/2014
In Sight is The Washington Post’s new blog showcasing photography with a focus on visual narratives.
Kenneth T. Walsh | U.S. News & World Report | 9/17/2014
Gallup poll finds public has little trust in the news media.
Oscar Alvarez | Iowa State Daily | 9/17/2014
Green spoke about the future of journalism, what others outside of journalism think newspapers' future is and what he believes will be the bright future of journalism.
Shaun Walker | The Guardian | 9/17/2014
Former Olympic gymnastics champion to quit as MP in Russian president's party to take control of National Media Group
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 9/16/2014
During a presentation at the ASNE-APME 2014: Fast Forward conference in Chicago, BuzzFeed’s use of data analysis to predict user behavior based on variables like time of day, which photos are used, and social networks was praised.
Mathew Ingram | GigOm | 9/16/2014
Journalists need to learn how to do more than just tell readers about news events — they need to understand how to listen as well, and how to help their communities take action on the issues that are of importance to them.
Alan Krawitz | 10,000 Words | 9/16/2014
In June, the Supreme Court basically sided with the government by turning down Risen’s appeal related to a case whereby prosecutors are attempting to secure evidence in what they say is a national security prosecution.
Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 9/16/2014
PwC's annual global outlook provides a comparable source of advertiser spending data and commentary across 54 countries.
Michael Sebastian | Advertising Age | 9/16/2014
Contend makes videos for Tribune advertisers
Michael Depp | NetNewsCheck | 9/16/2014
Publisher Les Simpson sees a not-distant future where local TV and radio have been just as roiled by disruptors as newspapers.
Press Release | The Los Angeles Times | 9/12/2014
Nu Yang | 9/12/2014