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Cyrus Farivar | Ars Technica | 7/31/2015
A well-known German political and tech news website has received (English translation here) a nearly unprecedented letter from the German Federal Public Prosecutor, saying that two of the site’s top editors are being investigated for treason after having published secret government documents earlier this year.
John Herrman | The Awl | 7/31/2015
Is the media, as it gets ready to supply its product directly to social networks, becoming a “wire service?” Ezra Klein, on/on Vox:
Sahil Patel | Digiday | 7/31/2015
Univision, like other traditional media companies, recognizes that younger viewers are watching less and less — if any at all — of their content on TV.
Ben Mook | Current | 7/31/2015
American Public Media Group has completed its planned organizational changes hinted at earlier this month, including the cutting of 10 positions in Minnesota Public Radio’s newsroom and ending production of its nationally distributed Wits radio program.
Kristin Bergman | Poynter | 7/31/2015
This spring, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came under fire when the State Department disclosed her exclusive use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State.
Madalina Ciobanu | | 7/31/2015
Messaging apps have become more than quick and useful ways of staying in touch with friends, as news organisations have tapped into their newsgathering potential.
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 7/31/2015
Few C.E.O.s can claim to head a one-billion dollar publishing company.
Gabriel Sherman | New York Magazine | 7/31/2015
At the start of his career, not long after he helped Richard Nixon win the 1968 election, Roger Ailes boasted to a reporter that television would one day replace the political party as the most powerful force in American politics.
Aleszu Bajak | Storybench | 7/31/2015
Thomas van Linge recently tweeted a photo of a munitions truck being blown up in Syria, presumably by the First Coastal Division, a faction of rebels affiliated with the Free Syrian Army.
Brian Stelter | CNN | 7/31/2015
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is accusing The New York Times of "egregious" errors and the "apparent abandonment of standard journalistic practices."
Emily Steel | New York Times | 7/31/2015
NBCUniversal is poised to make a pair of investments in the digital media start-ups BuzzFeed and Vox, seeking to appeal to younger millennial viewers who are abandoning traditional media, according to executives with knowledge of the negotiations.
Kim Bellware | The Huffington Post | 7/31/2015
John Cook will step into the interim role of executive editor of Gawker Media and Leah Beckman will become interim editor-in-chief.
Janko Roettgers | Variety | 7/31/2015
Videos from AJ+ have been viewed more than 430 million times over the last 90 days on Facebook.
Mike Shields | Wall Street Journal | 7/28/2015
Dino Grandoni | New York Times | 7/27/2015