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Press Release | Freedom Communications | 4/23/2014
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar continues to define his legacy off the court and inspire the citizens of Los Angeles through the pages of Los Angeles Register, which launched April 16 as a locally focused, community-building daily newspaper serving Los Angeles County. He brings a distinctive local focus and intellectual voice in his new role as columnist of Los Angeles Register.
Press Release | RBP Chemical Technology | 4/23/2014
Jim Romenesko | | 4/23/2014
State names, which are currently abbreviated in Associated Press stories, will be spelled out starting May 1. Datelines will still be abbreviated.
Lindsay Toler | Riverfront Times | 4/23/2014
The University of Missouri-St. Louis plans to forgive its student newspaper's $40,000 debt and create a new funding source after the student body cut the paper's funding.  
Roger Yu | USA Today | 4/23/2014
Gannett Co., the parent of USA TODAY, said Wednesday first quarter revenue and operating income rose from a year ago following the acquisition of former competitor Belo, but quarterly net income fell as it incurred interest expenses related to the deal.  
Sarah Sirgany | CNN | 4/23/2014
(CNN) -- The trial of three Al Jazeera journalists held on terrorism-related charges in Egypt was adjourned until May after the court on Tuesday viewed videos presented by the prosecution.  
Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 4/23/2014
A public opinion poll has found that more Britons think it was right for the Guardian to publish Edward Snowden's NSA leaks about surveillance than think it was wrong that the paper did so.  
InPublishing | 4/23/2014
The first issue of Forbes Philippines will be published in early 2015.
Suzanne Raitt | INMA | 4/23/2014
With its use of re-designed formats, partnerships, augmented reality, video initiatives, and more, the Canadian media industry is leading the charge toward transformation.
Jason Pontin | MIT Technology Review | 4/23/2014
Mobile news curation uses human editors and good design to improve the experience of reading the news on smartphones.
Richard Bilton | Digiday | 4/23/2014
When Refinery29 opened its doors in 2005, the New York-based company was built on the content-and-commerce model, betting they would be able to seamlessly merge publishing and retailing.  
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 4/23/2014
The sudden rise of explainer journalism may have been good for the masses. But whether there’s a real advertising case for these wonky new sites needs some, well, explaining.
Rachel Bartlett | | 4/23/2014
At the Wall Street Journal, innovation is for everyone – by encouraging the sharing of new ideas and engagement around product development, the news outlet is passionate about ensuring all members of staff have the opportunity to be part of its digital evolution.
Ken Doctor | Nieman Journalism Lab | 4/18/2014
New Haven Register Names New Publisher | 4/17/2014
Alan D. Mutter | Newsosaur | 4/18/2014