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Rod Nordland and Rebecca Corbett | New York Times | 8/22/2014
KABUL, Afghanistan — The two candidates for president of Afghanistan both pledged on Friday to reverse the expulsion of an American journalist from the country as soon as they took office.
Mark Arsenault and David Abel | Boston Globe | 8/22/2014
A Suffolk Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that Steward Health Care System has no right to review the reporting or records collected by The Boston Globe for a yet-to-be-published article about a man’s journey through the mental health care system.
Anne Gearan | Washington Post | 8/22/2014
A photojournalist arrested in Iran alongside Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian and his wife was released on bail Wednesday, a family source said.
Mathew Ingram | GigaOM | 8/22/2014
The Huffington Post and Beacon Reader — a crowdfunding platform for journalism that we’ve written about before — announced on Wednesday that they have formed a partnership to fund and train a citizen journalist who is currently writing about the protests taking place in Ferguson, Mo.
Sarah Perez | TechCrunch | 8/22/2014
U.S. users are now spending the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications, according to a new study released by comScore this morning.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 8/22/2014
Magazine publishers have a tablet problem. According to one designer, they always have.
The Washington Post | 8/22/2014
LAST WEEK President Obama offered some lofty words about journalism and democracy.
Monica Anderson | Pew Research Center | 8/22/2014
India, with its emerging economy and vast population, is becoming an attractive market for news organizations looking to grow their international audience.
Margaret Sullivan | New York Times | 8/22/2014
Want an object lesson in the problems of dubious equivalency and anonymous sources?
Jeff Bercovici | Forbes | 8/22/2014
Instagram users passed 200 million earlier this year while Tumblr’s is flattening out.
Joseph Lichterman | Nieman Journalism Lab | 8/22/2014
The two editorial pages decided to collaborate on a project soliciting reader submissions about their own experiences with racial profiling from the police.
Lynne Marek | Chicago Business | 8/22/2014
Once the two new North Shore papers are added, 22nd Century Media will have a collective print and digital circulation of 175,000 in suburban Chicago.
Amanda Meade | The Guardian | 8/21/2014
The chief executive of News Corp Australia, Julian Clarke, has strongly defended the Australian’s $30m drain on the Murdoch empire, saying the newspaper is a much-loved flagship and the country’s most influential newspaper.
Nu Yang | 8/18/2014
Mathew Ingram | GigaOm | 8/19/2014
Ryan Chittum | Columbia Journalism Review | 8/18/2014