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John McDermott | Digiday | 3/5/2015
Google is testing a new way for publishers to maximize their advertising revenue.
Michael Barthel | Pew Research Center | 3/5/2015

As digital technology becomes an increasingly common part of Americans’ lives, the news media is in a time of transition. Though much has been written on how this transition impacts national media outlets, its impact on local news – where most Americans get their news about government and politics – is far less commonly studied.


Pew Research Center | 3/5/2015
Whether in a tech-savvy metropolis or a city where the town square is still the communication hub, local news matters deeply to the lives of residents.
Anup Kaphle | CJR | 3/5/2015
When The Washington Post’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, met the newsroom for the first time in September of 2013, he mentioned two recent Post stories that he’d found particularly intriguing.
Abigail Edge | | 3/5/2015

What is it: App for extracting images from links before posting to Twitter

Devices: iOS, web

Cost: Free

Lucia Moses | Digiday | 3/5/2015
Flush with new funding, Business Insider is planning to launch a new site devoted to consumer technology that will attempt to expand its audience beyond business readers, Digiday has learned.
Jonathan Stray | Nieman Lab | 3/5/2015
The traditional goal of news is to say what just happened. That’s sort of what “news” means.
Chris Stibbs | The Guardian | 3/5/2015
The starting point for publishers to carve out space in this hyper-competitive environment has to be uniqueness of voice.
Keach Hagey | WSJ | 3/5/2015

As chief executive of Hearst Corp., Steve Swartz leads one of the largest private media empires in the country, with holdings in newspapers, magazines, broadcast television, cable television and business information stretching from Cosmopolitan to its 20% stake in ESPN.


Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 3/5/2015
The New York Times' media desk is in reconstruction mode following a turbulent few months that saw the sudden death of a star columnist and the departures of numerous reporters during the paper's latest round of buyouts and layoffs.
Staff Report | The Guardian | 3/5/2015
Ballot result means Viner is guaranteed place on shortlist of candidates to succeed Alan Rusbridger
Ken Doctor | Nieman Lab | 3/5/2015
The owner of the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and other out-of-fashion metro dailies has plenty of good ideas — but they’re still playing from behind.
Rachel Donadio | New York Times | 3/5/2015
World Press Photo began an initial investigation last week.
Nu Yang and Rich Kane | 3/2/2015
Press Release | Wall Street Journal | 2/27/2015
Raf Sanchez | The Telegraph | 2/27/2015