Jemima Kiss | The Guardian | 7/1/2015
Costolo said the pressures of meeting Wall Street expectations on a quarterly basis meant the company had to battle against a current of incrementalism and short-term thinking.
Meihong Wang and Yue Zhuo | Facebook | 6/30/2015
The News Feed ranking will now help people see more of the videos they care about and fewer of the videos they don’t.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 6/30/2015
Readers running ad blockers are invisible when it comes to publishers’ data collection.
Kurt Wagner | re/code | 6/24/2015
Instagram unveiled a massive overhaul to its search feature on Tuesday in an effort to bring users into the app more often, particularly during breaking news events.
Mark Sweney | The Guardian | 6/24/2015
Google has issued a call to arms against Isis, arguing that the terror group has engineered a “viral moment” on social networks with propaganda and beheading videos that needs to be challenged.
Justin Ellis | Nieman Lab | 6/24/2015
“We built Quartz to be a new kind of news organization. And part of that is delivering on a rapid cycle of experimentation and new products.”
Press Release | Agilis Systems | 6/23/2015
SmartWorks provides a cost-effective solution for proof of delivery through mobile software.
Thomas McMullan | alphr | 6/23/2015
You open your eyes and you’re in a war zone. There are people shouting and guns firing.
Steve Grove | Google News Lab | 6/22/2015
It’s hard to think of a more important source of information in the world than quality journalism.
Jack Marshall | Wall Street Journal | 6/22/2015
Facebook is now in the process of building new mobile ad formats and advertising opportunities.
Ken Doctor | Nieman Lab | 6/19/2015
Whether they’d do it out of benevolence, fear of regulators, or the quest for a competitive advantage, Google could be of real service to the news industry and the broader cause of journalism. Here’s how.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 6/19/2015
Main features include “Quickly Catch Up,” one-sentence summaries of the day’s top stories, followed by a context-rich feed of articles.
Amy Gesenhues | Search Engine Land | 6/18/2015
In its biggest update since 2012, Google Trends announced a number of new updates today, including “minute-by-minute, real-time” data, the integration of YouTube and Google News data to determine trending topics, and a refreshed homepage.