RJI | 10/9/2015
It may seem like science fiction but wider access to virtual worlds are on the horizon. In fact, with a little bit of cardboard and an Android phone you can visit places like the Grand Canyon right now. Journalists and publications are stepping into this new medium to bring us stories.
Khari Johnson | Through the Cracks | 10/9/2015
“Think of it as Candy Crush for tracking police militarization or Flappy Bird to uncover government waste,” he said in his pitch video earlier this year to conclude his time as aJohn S. Knight Foundation Fellow at Stanford University.
News Report | Reuters | 10/9/2015
Social media usage among American adults has ballooned in the past decade with about two-thirds now on social networking sites, Pew Research Center said.
Jack Marshall | Wall Street Journal | 10/9/2015
Network will allow marketers to automatically place ads before range of publishers’ videos
Caspar Llewellyn Smith | The Guardian | 10/8/2015
After a period of beta testing, all our readers outside the UK, US and Australia can now enjoy an international edition of our homepage.
Steven Perlberg | Wall Street Journal | 10/6/2015
A new study shows that the mobile Web is being used just as much as apps
Justin Ellis | Nieman Lab | 10/6/2015
The initiative formerly known as “Project Lightning” introduces curated collections of tweets around news, sports, and entertainment, and some news organizations will be able to make their own.
J.M. Porup | Motherboard | 10/5/2015
When I started working as a journalist in Colombia in 2006, "What do I do if I get kidnapped?" was a common topic at parties. In fact in 2007, my brother (not a journalist) got kidnapped in a small town outside of Medellín.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 10/5/2015
For the handful of publishers that get top billing on Snapchat Discover, attracting new viewers has been pretty straightforward. Everyone else has had to work a bit harder.
Joseph Lichterman | NiemanLab | 10/2/2015
Since it launched in earnest this spring, members of the Coral Project, a collaborative effort to rethink community engagement around news, have heard from all kinds of people.
Justin Ellis | NiemanLab | 10/2/2015
If not for Cards Against Humanity’s new inhouse studio, the Chicago Podcast Cooperative may never have been born.
Jason Del Rey and Kurt Wagner | re/code | 10/2/2015
According to more than 20 current and former colleagues Re/code interviewed over the past few weeks, Dorsey has grown up.
Gregor Aisch, Wilson Andrews, Josh Keller | New York Times | 10/1/2015
Ad blockers, which Apple first allowed on the iPhone in September, promise to conserve data and make websites load faster. But how much of your mobile data comes from advertising?
Gretchen A. Peck | 10/5/2015
Dean Baquet | The New York Times | 10/5/2015
Adreana Young | 10/7/2015