Jeremy C. Fox | INMA | 8/27/2015
The Miami Herald Media Company published its first smartphone app in 1999 — a Miami Dolphins football app that was one of the first newspaper apps in the marketplace targeting sports fans.
Sahil Patel | Digiday | 8/27/2015
On Aug. 5, Facebook launched its first live streaming feature.
Press Release | Wall Street Journal | 8/26/2015
The iPhone app delivers the 10 most important business stories updated throughout the day by a dedicated team of journalists in New York, Hong Kong and London.
Catalina Albeanu | | 8/26/2015
More than half of UK readers of four national titles access the sites only from mobile devices – not in print or via a computer – according to the latest National Readership Survey report released today. | 8/26/2015
Entire site now powered by Arc, a custom publishing platform built in-house
Madalina Ciobanu | | 8/25/2015

"I think the media industry was disrupted 15 to 20 years ago and while consumption and volume are going through the roof, the sustainable model is falling apart," believes Henrik Eklund, co-founder and chief executive of Newstag.


David Murphy | INMA | 8/25/2015
Developments with in-car apps offer future opportunities for news publishers, but visual-heavy media must find a way to compete until hands-free cars are available.
Marc Settle | BBC | 8/25/2015

One of the advantages of working with a smartphone to record, edit and send footage is that you’re almost certain to have it with you all the time and ‘when the story breaks’.


Jessica Davies | Digiday | 8/24/2015
Daily Mirror readers would be forgiven if they were confused when they went to read the newspaper online recently.
The Guardian | 8/24/2015
Twitter has shut off access to 31 accounts that chronicled and archived the deleted tweets of politicians, diplomats and embassies around the world.
Abigail Edge | theMediaBriefing | 8/24/2015
Article tags are commonly used by news outlets to target search keywords and identify topics within a story.
Tom Cheredar | GigaOM | 8/21/2015
Digital magazine app Flipboard is getting an update that will allow users to fine-tune the news feed that appears when you open up the service, the company announced today.
Kurt Wagner | Re/code | 8/21/2015
A combination of these elements determines what you see on the right side of your News Feed every time you log in.
Katie Rogers and Alan Blinder | New York Times | 8/26/2015
Jeff Gammage | Philadelphia Inquirer | 8/25/2015
Press Release | Wall Street Journal | 8/26/2015