Kimberlee Morrison | AdWeek | 5/1/2015
When social media is involved, politics can become a very dangerous game.
David Auerbach | Slate | 4/30/2015
Twitter as we know it is over. While the early release of ugly revenue numbers sent the company’s stock spiraling Tuesday, the actual quarterly earnings report that followed that afternoon was even worse. Twitter is acquiring users more slowly, particularly on mobile.
Catalina Albeanu | | 4/30/2015
The number of apps that require users to hold their phones vertically to film has been growing steadily, with Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat all headline-making examples.
Nicole Levy | Capital New York | 4/30/2015
"It's not your traditional upfront," National Public Media general manager Bryan Moffett said less than a half hour before the first-ever podcast upfront began yesterday evening at a hip music venue in the West Village.
Emily Bell | CJR | 4/30/2015
Google, Facebook, Twitter and any other social platform you care to name would at one time have gone to the corporate stake to defend the idea that they are not publishers or actively engaged in acts of journalism.
Joseph Lichterman | NiemanLab | 4/30/2015
In the aftermath of last week’s earthquake that devastated Nepal, BBC News is today launching an account on the messaging app Viber to publish news, information, and tips for staying safe as the country continues to recover.
David Uberti | CJR | 4/29/2015
Employing reporters overseas is a luxury few media outlets can afford. But, a globally focused social news venture by First Look Media, has again shown how journalists can add value to international coverage without setting foot on foreign soil.
John Carpenter | Chicago Tribune | 4/29/2015
Northwestern University’s Knight Lab recently got a nod from the Pulitzer Prize Board, if only by association.   
Catalina Albeanu | | 4/29/2015
Facebook drives 25 per cent of all social referrals online, and its algorithm changes can boost or blast a publishers' figures almost overnight.
Cindy Jeffers | Digiday | 4/28/2015
A generation ago, the idea of receiving breaking news through an implanted microchip sounded like a sci-fi fantasy. Now it seems inevitable.
Alastair Reid | WSJ | 4/28/2015
With daily ups and downs punctuating seismic peaks and troughs in the economy, stock markets are often compared to roller coasters for those that play – all exhilarating highs and sickening lows.
Steven Perlberg | WSJ | 4/28/2015
Marketers with upfront and NewFront fatigue will have one more stop this year: NPR, WBEZ and WNYC will on Wednesday host a “podcast upfront,” a presentation where hosts and executives will extol the merits of podcasting as an advertising medium.
Michael Sebastian | Advertising Age | 4/27/2015
The Apple Watch is officially out today, but the so-called wearable has already sparked an arms race among media companies vying for attention on your wrist. (Does that make it a wrist race?)
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 4/28/2015
Ravi Somaiya | New York Times | 4/30/2015
Amy Mitchell | Pew Research Center | 4/29/2015
Kevin Rector | Baltimore Sun | 4/27/2015
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