Dino Grandoni | New York Times | 7/27/2015
Podcasting often offers an in-depth form of reporting that advertisers want to pay for and that is attracting talent largely from radio.
Jordan Valinsky | Digiday | 7/24/2015
YouTube is jumping on the vertical video bandwagon.
Nick Stockton | Wired | 7/24/2015
On July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft turned all its sensors to Pluto for a 20-hour flyby. Before it went dark—no contact with Earth—New Horizons sent one last chunk of data home.
Annie Melton | Street Fight | 7/24/2015
“Hyperlocal journalist” is not a title that gets romanticized often. To be a reporter or blogger for a local news organization in 2015 is to accept a lot of unknowns regarding audience reach and, in turn, economic stability.
Jack Murtha| CJR | 7/24/2015
Hillary Clinton’s question-and-answer session on Facebook this week received ample press, both positive (she’s communicating directly with voters!) and negative (this is about show, not substance).
Nahal Toosi | Politico | 7/22/2015
The Obama administration is stepping up its defense of the Iran nuclear deal in a major forum filled with plenty of naysayers: Twitter.
Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza | Facebook | 7/22/2015
The enhancements include customized distribution options for videos on Facebook and a new Video Library.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 7/21/2015
Over the past two years Time Inc., the magazine company, has attempted to position itself as Time Inc., the digital content brand.
Alan Rosenblatt | SocialMediaToday | 7/21/2015
Wired’s reporting on Pew Research Center's recent poll about how people get their news in the modern era raises some very interesting questions about what it means to “get your news from social media”.
Madeline Welsh | NiemanLab | 7/21/2015
For The Wall Street Journal, it was just a change in an icon — but it signifies a larger shift in video strategy.
Nilay Patel | The Verge | 7/21/2015
The overall state of the mobile web is so bad that tech companies have convinced media companies to publish on alternative platforms designed for better performance on phones.
Gavin O'Malley | MediaPost | 7/17/2015
Facebook is testing a “Watch Later” button on select desktop videos.
Philip Rucker | The Washington Post | 7/17/2015
Snapchat will curate a "live story" selection of photos and videos from the day's campaign stops and promote it to users across the United States.