Emil Protalinski | The Next Web | 4/17/2014 today announced the debut of WordPress 3.9, which adds a slew of “refinements” to the blog management tool.
Caroline O’Donovan | Nieman Journalism Lab | 4/9/2014
Gwyneth Paltrow’s divorce from rock star husband Chris Martin is not an event with great civic impact.
Raju Narisetti | Nieman Journalism Lab | 4/8/2014
Here are 25 awkward questions (and one counter-question) that I wish media reporters/critics would routinely ask of editors and mainstream news organizations, each year.
Aaron Smith | Pew Research | 4/3/2014
America’s seniors have historically been late adopters to the world of technology compared to their younger compatriots, but their movement into digital life continues to deepen, according to newly released data from the Pew Research Center.
Chris Gayomali | Fast Company | 4/3/2014
University of Southern California journalism professor Robert Hernandez says he is not a Glass fanboy.  
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 4/2/2014
The latest report from Flurry shows mobile users are spending the vast majority of their time with mobile apps, not with mobile Web browsers.
Leila Haddou and Will Franklin | The Guardian | 3/18/2014
We wanted to test this out, and challenged Will Franklin, a Guardian developer, to create our very own GUARBOT – in a day. Which, we'll admit, was a bit optimistic.
Adam Flomenbaum | MediaBistro | 3/14/2014
With yesterday’s release of an iPhone and Android app, Al Jazeera America continues its push to become a go-to domestic and international news source for American audiences.
Angela Washeck | PBS | 3/13/2014
Amid the frenzy of the SXSW Interactive Trade Show were a few fundamental themes: 1) mobile is here to stay; 2) social media is the lifeblood of anyone with content to share and 3) data privacy will become a commodity given today’s surveillance state.
Rachel Bartlett | | 3/7/2014
News360, a news reader app which learns about its users' interests to personalise results, has introduced a series of editions for countries outside the US, including a UK version.
Jim Waterson | BuzzFeed | 2/26/2014
Expect to see broadcasters using unmanned cameras more during 2014.
Sam Kirkland | Poynter | 2/11/2014
As much as mobile is poised to keep growing in 2014, old desktop habits die hard — especially during business hours.
What's New In Publishing | 2/11/2014
2 years ago it was "nice to have" a mobile strategy for large and medium-sized companies. But today the reality is that a mobile strategy is a must-have for all businesses of all sizes.
Press Release | Columbia University | 4/14/2014
Gretchen A. Peck | 4/11/2014
Press Release | Freedom Communications | 4/14/2014