Amanda Bennett | Poynter | 11/21/2014
What do we need in order to push forward leadership from women at news organizations? Courage. Courage, persistence, and a calm sense of expectation.
Jason Zaragoza | AAN | 11/21/2014
A group of former San Francisco Bay Guardian staffers led by Steven T. Jones and Marke Bieschke is leading a fundraising effort to produce a final commemorative edition of the paper and preserve public access to its print and online archives.
Zachary Davies Boren | Independent.co.uk | 11/21/2014
A group of six journalists are taking legal action against London's Metropolitan Police and the Home Office after it was revealed that they had been been under government surveillance for years — and had even been listed as 'domestic extremists'.
Reuters | 11/21/2014
Nov 21 (Reuters) - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi suggested on Thursday he was considering pardoning journalists of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera television station jailed in his country for nearly a year on charges of aiding a "terrorist organisation".
Ken Doctor | Nieman Lab | 11/21/2014

At WNYC, a public radio station is getting more aggressive about telling people what to do: go vote, get more sleep, stay healthy. What happens when a news outlet starts talking about behavior change? 


Ben Johnson | City Pages | 11/21/2014
KSTP is still getting publicly pounded for #pointergate almost two weeks after the ill-fated segment aired.
J. Freedom du Lac | The Washington Post | 11/21/2014

Eight months ago, in a widely discussed editorial, two of America’s leading Spanish-language newspapers — California’s La Opinión and New York’s El Diario La Prensa — hammered President Obama over immigration.


Bill Wyman | CJR | 11/21/2014
Where were journalists 10 years ago when claims originally surfaced against him?
Jonathan Peters | CJR | 11/20/2014
Case highlights the media’s interest in monitoring how FOI laws are used
Justin Ellis | Nieman Lab | 11/20/2014
Jennifer Preston  might be best known as the paper’s first social media editor.
Leslie Kaufman | New York Times | 11/20/2014
The vitriolic podcast opened a window into the competitive and sometimes incestuous group of publications that have grown up to cover Silicon Valley
Andrew Ford Lyons | PBS MediaShift | 11/20/2014
Most news organizations will have a communications plan in place for staff going on high risk assignments
Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 11/19/2014
Fourteen Nigerian journalists were abducted in a speedboat ambush by a gang of youths and beaten in what appears to be part of the rivalry between two communities - the Ijaw and Itsekiri peoples - on the Niger Delta.