Rem Rieder | USA Today | 5/27/2015
That journalism desperately needs innovation has been clear for quite awhile.
Committee to Protect Journalists | 5/27/2015
The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the murder of Brazilian radio journalist Djalma Santos da Conceição and calls on authorities to investigate and bring all those responsible to justice.
Joseph Lichterman | Nieman Lab | 5/27/2015
Not long after his family sold The Tulsa World to Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group in 2013, Robert E. Lorton III, the paper’s former publisher, began thinking about how he could get back into the news business.
Corey Hutchins | CJR | 5/27/2015
These days, Wednesday evenings in the Daily Press newsroom in Newport News, VA, mean pizza. And data. Lots and lots of data.
Jessi Hempel | Wired | 5/27/2015
OVER THE NEARLY two decades that BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti has spent inventing things, he’s figured out that one of the most important ingredients of new ideas is something closer to play—experiments taken on not to profit immediately, or to develop a product, but because they’re flat-out fascinating.
Julia Belluz | Vox | 5/26/2015
Most people who read health journalism with a critical eye would say it's in bad shape.
Yahoo! News | 5/26/2015
Khartoum (AFP) - Sudanese security forces seized the Monday print runs of 10 newspapers and suspended the publishing licences of four of them in a major media crackdown, editors and NGOs said.
Julie Posetti | WAN-IFRA | 5/26/2015
It used to be possible to promise confidentiality to sources – guaranteeing protection of their identities, even on pain of jail – in countries where legal source protection frameworks were robust.
Kara Murphy | PBS | 5/26/2015
Global Press Institute Executive Director Cristi Hegranes, who oversees 135 women journalists in 26 countries, says commitment to training journalists is an easy sentence to utter but a really difficult reality to create.
Hadas Gold | Politico | 5/26/2015

Hillary Clinton may feel like the press hounds and harasses her, but there’s one segment of the media from which she’s getting the kind of coverage you just can’t buy: women’s magazines.


Aleszu Bajak | Story Bench | 5/26/2015
“Help us save photojournalism!” is the less than understated headline of ViewFind’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.
Thomas Erdbrink | New York Times | 5/26/2015
The trial is expected to last two to three days.
Madalina Ciobanu | Journalism.co.uk | 5/22/2015
Metadata can provide publishers with valuable insight into how audiences consume their content, as well as help them identify strong connections between stories.
Andrea Chang | Los Angeles Times | 5/22/2015
Madalina Ciobanu | Journalism.co.uk | 5/22/2015
Jasper Jackson | The Guardian | 5/22/2015
Chris Ariens | AdWeek | 5/22/2015