Alexander Russo | CJR | 10/2/2015

“Billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad’s proposal to double the number of charter schools threatens the financial stability of the Los Angeles Unified School District, according to LAUSD’s board president.”


Peggy McGlone | The Washington Post | 10/2/2015
The National Press Club and its affiliated journalism institute will sell a Norman Rockwell painting the artist gave them more than 50 years ago and bank the estimated $10- to $15-million windfall to support future programs.
Jay Rosen | PressThink | 10/2/2015
Best I have seen at it is Melody Kramer, recently of NPR, Nieman Foundation and the Federal government.
Paul Farhi | Washington Post | 10/2/2015
Long before the advent of social media, reporters were knocking on doors and stopping strangers in the street to seek facts and comments.
Hadas Gold | Politico Media | 10/2/2015
Austin Beutner’s abrupt firing and replacement by Baltimore Sun publisher Tim Ryan was met with displeasure by many in California.
Ken Doctor | NiemanLab | 10/1/2015
Do you remember where you were when you heard that Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post?
David R. Wheeler | The Atlantic | 10/1/2015
Until recently, Loni McKown was the envy of the college media-advising world.
Jonathan Peters | CJR | 10/1/2015
As a media law scholar and practicing media lawyer, I field all manner of questions every week—from students, journalists, editors, and others.
Hadas Gold | Politico | 10/1/2015
Telemundo is taking a clear shot at rival Univision, positioning the Spanish-language news network as the place for objective, unbiased reporting on the 2016 election that is "without an agenda."
Michael Calderone | Huffington Post | 10/1/2015
Several thousand journalists recently covered Pope Francis' historic visit to the United States -- and yet, his meeting with controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis remained a secret until two days after the pontiff left the country. 
Ryan Grenoble | Huffington Post | 10/1/2015
To hear Bill Simmons tell it, what we really learned from Deflategate had nothing to do with Tom Brady's balls and everything to do with ESPN shilling for the NFL.
Press Release | NAA | 10/1/2015
David Chavern most recently completed a decade-long tenure at the United States Chamber of Commerce.
Mandy Locke | The News & Observer | 9/30/2015
A bill aimed at curbing the illegal practice of companies treating workers who should be employees as contractors stalled Tuesday as legislators prepared to adjourn.