Elizabeth Dickinson | CJR | 11/25/2015
As the Syrian conflict has unspooled over the last four years, Orient TV has earned a reputation as an opposition bulwark.
Brian Stelter | CNN | 11/25/2015
Newsrooms across Chicago and the country made varying decisions about airing the recently released Laquan McDonald shooting video Tuesday.
Peter Holley | Washington Post | 11/23/2015
Jason Rezaian faced four charges, including espionage.
Michael Calderone | The Huffington Post | 11/19/2015
"All of us are accepting that any one of us will be killed at anytime or anywhere," one says.
Joel Mathis | Philadelphia | 11/19/2015
PMN wants $3.5 million for its forced anonymity.
Benjamin Mullin | Poynter | 11/18/2015
For the modern media company, each reader represents a potential buffet of user information. IP addresses, browsing preferences and demographic data all are fair game for publishers looking to build detailed profiles of their audiences.
David Uberti | CJR | 11/18/2015
The Friday attacks in Paris that killed more than 120 left many American news organizations racing to get pieces in place for wall-to-wall coverage over the weekend.
Patricia W. Elliott | J-Source | 11/18/2015
When eleven Indigenous journalists and authors took the stage in Regina Nov. 5, it was a collective “wow” moment for the audience—and for the panelists themselves.
Ingrid Cobben | WAN-IFRA | 11/18/2015
A new website that collects, shares and allows the update of media and ethical codes is designed to encourage ethical communication and greater sensitivity to the link between media regulation and ethics.
Laura Hazard Owen | NiemanLab | 11/18/2015
A new Pew report finds that beliefs in the freedom of the press vary substantially by country, with support for both free speech and a free press “contingent on the topic.”
Pamela Engel | Business Insider | 11/18/2015
One of Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson's foreign-policy advisers questioned the candidate's grasp of Middle East events in an interview with The New York Times, prompting a quick rebuke from Carson's campaign.
Deron Lee | CJR | 11/18/2015
The profession of political polling is “teetering on the edge of disaster,” Jill Lepore writes in this week’s New Yorker. It’s a stark diagnosis, but not a fringe opinion.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 11/17/2015
When news of the Paris attacks broke, the app Breaking News first sent out “proximity alerts” to its push notification subscribers — location-based notifications to people in the city. Next came “emerging story” alerts, when it was clear a big news event was in the making.