Tom Grubisich | Street Fight | 8/29/2014
Ten years ago, Newell Nussbaumer owned a shop in Buffalo, N.Y., selling everything from Mexican wrestling masks to leather goods made in New York City, plus locally made products.
Mathew Ingram | GigaOM | 8/29/2014
Having just written what I consider a defense of the internet’s effect on journalism and the media industry, I didn’t expect to have to do it again so soon.
Robert Feder | RobertFeder.com | 8/29/2014
A $30,000 grant from a private foundation focused on health care issues is helping defray the salary of a Chicago Tribune reporter covering Obamacare.
Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 8/29/2014
The Huffington Post is getting into the debate game.
David Case | GlobalPost | 8/29/2014
BOSTON — The scene is pure adrenaline. First, you hear panicked rebels crying “Allahu Akbar” — God is great.
theplainsman.com | 8/29/2014
More than 1,000 copies of The Auburn Plainsman were stolen from seven locations throughout campus on Thursday.
Amanda Holpuch | The Guardian | 8/28/2014
The mother of an American journalist who is being held by Islamic State (Isis) militants made a plea for her son’s safe return to the group’s leader on Wednesday.
Claire Nowak | Marquette Wire | 8/28/2014
The final work of slain Marquette graduate James Foley will soon be released to the public. The photojournalist’s film, “E-Team,” is set to premier on Netflix Oct. 24.
James Estrin | New York Times | 8/28/2014
Photojournalism has gone through a sea change in both technology and business models in the nearly 20 years since Getty Images started.
Justin Ellis | Nieman Journalism Lab | 8/28/2014
What makes a media innovation project succeed?

That’s the question the Knight Foundation has been asking about perhaps the most prominent program supporting media innovation, the Knight News Challenge.
Global Voices | 8/27/2014
There's a worrying trend in Serbia's digital world. Media websites are increasingly the target of mysterious technical attacks that render inaccessible certain politically sensitive content. 
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 8/27/2014
The rallying cry for those bemoaning the demise of newspapers was, “Without The New York Times, who would cover Iraq?” Well, quite a few places, it turns out.
Cogan Schneier | USA Today | 8/27/2014
Greg Coleman has a busy fall coming up. He's preparing for a digital media innovation class he teaches at New York University to 75 graduate students. His wife, Jill, is expecting a baby in October. Oh, and he just started a new job — as president of BuzzFeed.
Ravi Somaiya | New York Times | 8/26/2014
James Estrin | New York Times | 8/28/2014
Eric Blattberg | Digiday | 8/29/2014
Om Malik | Om.co | 8/29/2014