Sara Horowitz | Fast Company | 4/24/2015
For a while now, I’ve been sensing a surge of support for the idea of unions, even as the national media, elected officials, and even many workers have conducted a decades-long death watch of the labor movement.
Paul Farhi | The Washington Post | 4/24/2015
Journalists often describe the Obama administration as one of the least press-friendly of modern times, with a record of stonewalling, investigating and generally snubbing the news media.
The Blade | 4/24/2015
Home-improvement chain Menard Inc. has sued the Toledo Free Press accusing the weekly newspaper of failing to inform the company of declining circulation or to adjust its billing for advertising services.
Robert Mackey | New York Times | 4/24/2015
A provincial court in Turkey sentenced a college student to one year in prison on Thursday for the offense of “insulting a public official” by sharing a satirical news story about a regional governor on Twitter.
Ken Doctor | Capital New York | 4/24/2015
How do you sell a TEGNA? Gannett C.E.O. Gracia Martore and her investor relations people have been busy priming the sales pump of their new broadcast-digital company for several months.
Jim Tankersley | The Washington Post | 4/24/2015
Nearly 20,000 new jobs sprung up in public relations, a 13 percent increase.
Michael Calderone | Huffington Post | 4/23/2015
NEW YORK -- The White House Correspondents' Association is seeking more “meaningful and consistent” access to the president, among other demands to increase day-to-day transparency, according to a draft of proposed principles and practices the organization is hammering out.
Ed Sherman | Poynter | 4/23/2015

Dave Anderson never expected the call. In 1981, the New York Times sports columnist learned he was the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.


Brendan Nyhan | New York Times | 4/23/2015
Fact-checks of politicians’ statements have become increasingly prominent in media coverage of American politics.
Dominic Ponsford | PressGazette | 4/23/2015
Former Guardian collaborater Julian Assange has penned an excoriating review of Guardian book, The Snowden Files, for Newsweek.
Yahoo! News | 4/23/2015
India's government took Al Jazeera news channel off the air on Wednesday for five days after officials insisted it had repeatedly shown wrong maps of disputed Kashmir.
Richard Tofel | ProPublica | 4/23/2015
A little-remembered incident helped establish the notion that news organizations could and should preserve their independence from advertisers.
Ruth Eglash | The Washington Post | 4/22/2015
JAFFA, Israel — Having access to both Jews and Arabs is not easy for most journalists in Israel. Not so for Lucy Aharish, a Muslim Arab who grew up in a Jewish town in southern Israel.