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Meet the forward-thinking professionals who will take newspapers to the next level
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The program isn’t just for bookkeepers and controllers anymore
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Lessons learned from protecting anonymous sources
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Newspaper circulation directors speak out about the demands and changes they see in their positions
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Conference sessions range from social media to production operations
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Cartoonists respond to Charlie Hebdo massacre, book will benefit affected families
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Annual conference looks to ‘inform, inspire and invest’
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Recognizing creative storytelling, digital growth and thinking outside the box 
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By using cooperatives and networks, newspapers reap benefits 
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Experts reveal what’s working right now in digital publishing
Nu Yang | 2/9/2015
Publishers set goals for the new year
Nu Yang | 2/3/2015
This year’s program promises inspiration, ideas
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Today’s newsroom needs leaders with seasoned judgment and an innovative spirit
Nu Yang and Adreana Young | 4/1/2015
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