Nu Yang | 7/2/2015

Media executives from 80 countries gather in Washington, D.C. June 1-3

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Australia’s top four publishers unite in national campaign promoting newspapers
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Effective ways publishers can track expenses, margins and performance
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As the official courtroom artist of the Robert Durst trial, illustrator Tony O. Champagne gives E&P a glimpse inside his work
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Newspaper advertising teams find success with winning revenue strategies
Photos by Catherine Maffet | 6/3/2015

Muller Martini User Group conference celebrates milestone in Allentown

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Two awards in investigative reporting as Pulitzers prepare to turn 100
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Has the traditional news media become too sanitized? And does anybody care? One reporter’s viewpoint
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How to find a remedy for a self-inflicted wound
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One millennial busts through six myths
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In order to gain more readers, newspapers are focusing on the community behind the paywall
Adreana Young | 5/5/2015

More than 1,000 attendees attended the event in Nashville March 15-18

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It’s time for journalists to guard their frontlines
The Editorial Board | New York Times | 7/2/2015