James Oliver Goldsborough | 7/22/2014
It should not be allowed to disappear without a moment of remembrance and mourning.
Ed Zintel | 7/21/2014
A newspaper has a responsibility to its readers to report all of the news—good and bad—even when it hits home.
Tim Gallagher | 7/15/2014
It's past time newspapers realize the value of females as leaders in the newsroom.
Rob Tornoe | 7/14/2014
They’re the most important part of an online story to draw in readers, so make them great.
Alan D. Mutter | 7/10/2014
The New York Times is a leading example of the struggle to become a full-on digital publisher.
Nu Yang | 7/9/2014
Should a newspaper pay a source for information?
Anita Malik | 6/20/2014
Produce relevant content by targeting the right audience with a relevant writer.
Ed Zintel | 6/19/2014
Ever since digital readership came into play, producing accurate and true newspaper circulation figures has become something of an exercise in quantum theory.
Rob Tornoe | 6/17/2014
BuzzSumo has figured out ways to predict what will make a splash in social media.
Tim Gallagher | 6/16/2014
Newspaper leaders need to show their journalists how to change, and why.
Alan D. Mutter | 6/12/2014
Hard to say, but you should share all accumulated information with your staffs as audience engagement is everyone’s job.
Nu Yang | 6/11/2014
According to this year’s Career Cast annual best/worst job list, newspaper reporter is ranked 199 out of 200 occupations. How would you get newspaper reporter to be number one for next year’s list?
Dr. John M. Lervik | 5/21/2014
His purchase of traditional media stalwart, The Washington Post, set the media and non-media world abuzz with theories about how he might save—or hammer the final nail into the coffin of—modern newspaper publishing.
Jack Sommers | The Huffington Post UK | 7/23/2014
John McDermott | Digiday | 7/24/2014
Diego Vasquez | Media Life Magazine | 7/25/2014