Press Release | Online News Association | 9/29/2014
Coverage of natural disasters and health care as well as the making of a T-shirt took top honors Saturday night at the 2014 Online Journalism Awards, which ended the Online News Association Conference.
Staff Report | The Taos News | 9/29/2014
The Taos News owner is inducted into the New Mexico Press Association Hall of Fame.
Press Release | 9/26/2014
The company walks away with 126 prizes.
The Seattle Times | Press Release | 9/19/2014
The awards honor reporters from newspapers in two circulation divisions (over 50,000 circulation and under 50,000 circulation).
Press Release | 9/10/2014
The investigative series, reported by four journalists, is having an impact on revamping state law. 
Press Release | Postmedia Network | 9/8/2014
He will investigate the causes, solutions and implications of homegrown terrorism.
Press Release | Online News Association | 8/25/2014
Winners will be revealed at a September dinner in Chicago during the Online News Association's annual conference.
Press Release | Society of Professional Journalists | 8/18/2014
The organization will donate the $10,000 prize money to its own emergency relief fund.
Press Release | Boston Globe PR | 8/18/2014
The editorial writer and op-ed page columnist gets a $75,000 stipend.
| 8/15/2014
More than 1,000 entries were submitted in 50 categories.
Press Release | The Bespoke Agency | 8/13/2014
The award marks the company’s first major accolade for innovation in the packaging sector.
Press Release | TNG-CWA Communications | 8/13/2014
The New York Times journalist has been fighting federal officials for years over the confirmation of a source's name.
Press Release/Camino Public Relations | 8/13/2014
Jay Root's "Hurting for Work" series claims the prize for shining a light on an inadequate program.
John McDermott | Digiday | 9/26/2014
Michael David Smith | NBC Sports | 9/29/2014
Jason Abbruzzese | Mashable | 9/25/2014