Mark Duffy | Digiday | 4/17/2015
Native advertising doesn’t sell for brands. It does little for consumers looking to make a product choice. And it continues to compromise editorial content. 
Tim Peterson | Advertising Age | 4/17/2015
Snapchat is refining its pitch to advertisers: It's like traditional media -- but on a phone and with a big audience of people less likely to check out traditional media such as linear TV or print magazines.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 4/7/2015
Publishers are wrapping their heads around the rise of viewability and programmatic at the same time,  but they’re finding that the two aren’t easy to tackle simultaneously.
Nikhil Hunshikatti | INMA | 4/7/2015
The Holy Grail in the publishing world is to harness our ability to maintain a direct relationship with our customers when using various third-party data providers and applications.
AdWeek | 4/6/2015
As a demographic, women—whose spending power in the U.S. was estimated by Merrill Lynch to be $5 trillion—continue to grow in power and in appeal to marketers.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 4/3/2015
Medium was created by Twitter’s founders, gets contributions from notables like Water Isaacson and Elon Musk, and has blogging tools writers love. But being a media darling only gets you so far.
Kurt Wagner | re/code | 4/1/2015

Your Twitter profile may soon include a new decoration: Advertising.


Tessa Wegert | Contently | 3/31/2015
Can a native ad be as engaging as editorial content on The New York Times?
Mark Duffy | AdWeek | 3/30/2015
If you were Hunter S. Thompson, then, yes, I would give you a shot at writing a “native” ad for my brand. I’d give you several shots.
Garett Sloane | AdWeek | 3/30/2015
"Don't feed the trolls" has never been a more relevant piece of advice. The Web's established social media players as well as startups are trying to not just starve the trolls but to silence them in a battle against a toxic atmosphere that can sometimes scare users and advertisers.
Nathalie Tadena | The Wall Street Journal | 3/27/2015
Newspapers suddenly have another ally, and this one runs the world’s largest advertising group.
Lauren Johnson | AdWeek | 3/26/2015

Nearly two years after Google acquired Waze for more than $1 billion, new research and prolonged advertising deals from brands show that the mapping app is making a dent in the lucrative—and competitive—market of location-based mobile advertising.


Felicia Greiff | Advertising Age | 3/25/2015
As consumers grow more attached to their mobile phones and devices, marketers keep the cash flowing into app advertising.