Roy Greenslade | The Guardian | 4/14/2014
The overall market for national daily newspapers published in print fell by a further 7.4% last month compared with March 2013 – down from a total of 8,235,206 copies to 7,626,000.  
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 4/7/2014
Native advertising, the ad format du jour, has been an effective way for publishers to make money, ostensibly without interfering with the reader experience.  
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 4/4/2014
While many advertisers have bought into the promise of scalable, programmatic buying, many publishers are hoping to draw them back with premium ad products.
Press Release | Bluefin Technology Partners | 3/27/2014
Market success and customer focus are determining factors in supplier’s selection for new alliance.


Abigail Edge | | 3/19/2014
Native advertising must be "credible, authentic and value-adding" in order to bring success, Bauer Media's Abby Carvosso explained at today's Guardian Changing Media Summit.
Joe Pompeo | Capital New York | 3/11/2014
The Wall Street Journal announced the launch of a new content division today: WSJ. Custom Studios, which global head of advertising Trevor Fellows described in an announcement as "an innovative, intelligent and flexible suite of capabilities that will help market-leading brands develop even deeper relationships with their clients and our readers."
Brian Stelter | CNN | 3/10/2014
This is a yarn about how a single press release about pot misled dozens of major media outlets.
Gideon Spanier | | 3/5/2014
News websites and online publishers saw advertising soar 18 per cent in Britain last year, fuelling hopes that digital growth has reached a long-awaited tipping point where it will offset print decline.
Lucia Moses | AdWeek | 3/3/2014
Even as native ads naysayers argue for clear labeling and design cues so readers don’t confuse them with actual journalism, publishers and advertisers have pushed to make the units look more like editorial.
Press Release | Content That Works | 2/27/2014
 Content That Works today announces that it will work with Informed Interactive to produce native advertising in more than 20 mid-metro and community media markets nationwide for local advertisers.
Angela Doland | Advertising Age | 2/26/2014
China's Sina said its ad sales surged 45% in the fourth quarter to fuel big profit growth, as reports suggested the internet giant is preparing a U.S. initial public offering for its popular Twitter-like microblogging service, Weibo.
Bob Garfield | The Guardian | 2/25/2014
The devil walks into a bar and sits at a table with eight newspaper and magazine publishers plus one strange little fellow in shabby, dated robes.
Michael Sebastian | Advertising Age | 2/25/2014
This year's NewFronts could be confused for OldFronts.
Press Release | Columbia University | 4/14/2014
Press Release | Freedom Communications | 4/14/2014
Business of News: The Spacey Story of Newspaper People
Tim Gallagher | 4/15/2014