Press Release | Newscycle Solutions | 9/18/2014
The new software release focuses on usability and efficiencies to create a more productive and natural end-user workflow.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 8/28/2014
Content-recommendation widgets are everywhere online these days, but not every publisher is going crazy over them.
Bill Cromwell |Media Life | 8/8/2014
Newsstand circulation continued its accelerating decline during the first half of 2014.
Erica Sweeney | NetNewsCheck | 7/30/2014
With its BrandView native advertising segment now in full swing regionally and already attracting national native advertisers, Utah’s Deseret Digital Media is looking to expand its other platforms with this revenue source, Erica Sweeney reports.  BrandView was officially launched in December 2013 on the company’s, and sites.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 7/29/2014
Although BuzzFeed’s recent plagiarism scandal is giving some journalists a healthy case of schadenfreude, it’s still unlikely to do much near-term harm to the publisher’s relationship with ad buyers.
Bradley Johnson | Advertising Age | 6/23/2014
Total spending among the 100 Leading National Advertisers reached a record $108.6 billion in 2013, passing the previous spending peak set in pre-recession 2007.
Ricardo Bilton | Digiday | 6/17/2014
Ad execs in Cannes, awash in a sea of rosé this week, need not drink to drown any sorrows: The advertising industry, it turns out, is doing just fine.
Neal Lulofs | Alliance for Audited Media | 6/17/2014
All U.S. newspapers have the opportunity to participate in AAM’s Audience Snapshot, a voluntary program that enhances print and digital circulation data with print and online audience metrics.
Dominic Ponsford | PressGazette | 6/13/2014
The Sun today launched one of the biggest newspaper marketing campaigns ever in the UK as it sent a newspaper to nearly every household in England.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 6/11/2014
Publishers are increasingly looking to native advertising to solve their revenue problems. But there is still no industry-wide consensus of who should create the ads’ content, or how they should be priced, measured and distributed — not to mention whether they’re even all that effective.
Lauren Hockenson | GigaOM | 6/5/2014
Twitter’s mobile ad game is shaping up: after acquiring mobile ad exchange MoPub in October, the company announced on Thursday that it’s bought native advertising company Namo Media.
Lucia Moses | Digiday | 6/5/2014
Native advertising presents a Catch 22 for publishers.
James Avery | Digiday | 6/4/2014
Native advertising has a serious image problem: It gets conflated with sponsored content far too often. For example, this Forbes list of native ad “battlegrounds” focuses mainly on sponsored content as hosted by traditional publishers.
Press Release | The Los Angeles Times | 9/12/2014
The Washington Post | Press Release | 9/17/2014