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Nu Yang | 4/8/2014
On a Budget: Journo Portfolio puts your best work out there.
Nu Yang | 4/7/2014

Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association documentary shows strength of local newspapers.

Nu Yang | 4/3/2014
Google Media Tools aims to empower journalists.
Nu Yang | 4/2/2014
NewspaperDirect rebrands itself as PressReader, launches new website.
Nu Yang | 4/1/2014
PaperG helps publishers move into digital advertising.
Nu Yang | 3/18/2014
Boston Globe’s deputy managing editor/digital Bennie DiNardo gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse in the paper’s hiring of Hilary Sargent, a.k.a. ChartGirl.
Nu Yang | 3/10/2014
Chalkbeat journalists cover educational changes in the community.
Nu Yang | 3/6/2014
Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Sid Hartman and Charlie Hoag reflect on 120 years of service.
Nu Yang | 3/4/2014
Chicago Tribune experiments with e-commerce.
Nu Yang | 3/3/2014
KiwiTech expands into newspaper industry.
Nu Yang | 2/17/2014
Denver Post news director Kevin Dale, gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the paper’s hiring of its first marijuana editor, Ricardo Baca.
Nu Yang | 2/13/2014
Infoactive connects data to storytelling.
Nu Yang | 2/12/2014
Canada’s Globe and Mail reflects on digital subscriptions a year later.
Press Release | Columbia University | 4/14/2014
Press Release | Freedom Communications | 4/14/2014
Business of News: The Spacey Story of Newspaper People
Tim Gallagher | 4/15/2014