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Rich Kane | 12/9/2014
The SmartNews app gives you top stories at the swipe of a finger
Rich Kane | 12/5/2014

Wochit lets users make video in mere minutes, sans camera

Rich Kane | 12/4/2014
California Sunday revives the weekend magazine, but the ads may be its real strength
Rich Kane | 12/3/2014
The Seattle Times teams up with Microsoft for its newsreader app
Rich Kane | 12/2/2014
LaunchPad connects Pennsylvania news outlets with digital startups
Rich Kane | 11/18/2014
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser scores big with event production
Rich Kane | 11/13/2014
A new e-book makes it easy for journalists to use visual data in their stories
Rich Kane | 11/6/2014
 Scripps’ Youthletic site aims to connect kids with sports organizations
Rich Kane | 11/5/2014
The Los Angeles Times partners with Hulu and DirecTV to broaden its video reach
Rich Kane | 11/4/2014
SpokenLayer hopes to breathe new life into an old form: audio
Rich Kane | 10/8/2014
The Hartford Courant celebrates 250 years
Rich Kane | 10/7/2014
The Columbia Daily Tribune’s data mapping site is like a hyperlocal Facebook
Rich Kane | 10/3/2014

The pair behind The PowWow have a plan to turn millennials into newspaper lovers