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Adreana Young | 11/18/2015

Wildcard app works to bring mobile audiences daily news

Adreana Young | 11/17/2015
Hersam Acorn Newspapers rebrands itself to HAN Network
Adreana Young | 11/13/2015
The Albany Herald introduces new publications to expand readership
Adreana Young | 11/6/2015

MIT researchers create a browser extension to help bring more audiences to newspapers

Adreana Young | 11/5/2015

North Dakota Newspaper Association contest shows newspapers are not dead

Adreana Young | 10/15/2015
The Washington Post launches interactive feature to help give stories greater context
Adreana Young | 10/13/2015
Three journalists decide to buy their own newspaper
Adreana Young | 10/8/2015
Winnipeg Free Press project honors the city’s architectural history
Adreana Young | 10/7/2015
Salt Lake Tribune launches online membership program
Adreana Young | 10/6/2015
Gannett’s Gravity platform makes its debut on mobile
Adreana Young | 9/16/2015

Meet Chris Coates, Delaware News Journal’s new watchdog content coach

Adreana Young | 9/11/2015

After lawsuit, college journalists create independent newspaper

Adreana Young | 9/9/2015
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, NOLA.com launches The Future of New Orleans
Jerry Simpkins | 11/23/2015
Ken Doctor | Politico Media | 11/24/2015
Kevin Roderick | LA Observed | 11/24/2015