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Nu Yang | 7/8/2014

Shreveport Times redesigns paper, adds coverage.

Nu Yang | 7/7/2014
Prison inmates produce the San Quentin News.
Nu Yang | 7/3/2014
RealMatch offers publishers successful recruitment advertising solutions.
Nu Yang | 7/2/2014
Schurz Communications, RedPost launch ‘smart’ newsrack.
Nu Yang | 7/1/2014
Wibbitz creates interactive video clips using text-to-speech.
Nu Yang | 6/23/2014
Newspeg collects, curates and shares news stories.
Nu Yang | 6/10/2014
22nd Century Media expands, launches 13th newspaper.
Nu Yang | 6/9/2014
ReadrBoard creates content engagement with just a click.
Ed Zintel | 6/4/2014
Expanded system gathers big data in real time for improved targeted content and advertising.
Nu Yang | 6/3/2014
Western Communications explore mobile tourism apps.
Nu Yang | 6/2/2014
News app curates stories, follows Twitter model.
Nu Yang | 5/7/2014
Los Angeles Times machinist creates newspaper sidewalk.
Nu Yang | 5/7/2014
Catalina Island residents received their news via Morse Code.
Ben Smith | BuzzFeed | 7/28/2014
Lynne Marek | Chicago Business | 7/30/2014
Gretchen A. Peck | 8/1/2014