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Adreana Young | 6/18/2015

The Mariposa Gazette changes its printed format back to its 19th century size

Adreana Young | 6/17/2015
The Los Angeles Times launches #EmergingUS, a digital magazine focused on American identity
Adreana Young | 6/16/2015

Charleston Newspapers launches a recruitment site for local West Virginians

Adreana Young | 6/10/2015
Can newspaper publishers capitalize on connected car technology?
Adreana Young | 6/4/2015
After 100 years, the Minneapolis Star Tribune moves into a newly-redesigned newsroom
Adreana Young | 5/15/2015
Bangor Daily News teams up with Dream Local Digital to form digital division
Adreana Young | 5/14/2015

Start-up accelerator, Matter, partners traditional media companies with entrepreneurs

Adreana Young | 5/13/2015
Cloudstitch allows journalists the ability to create interactive, data-driven content without a programmer
Adreana Young | 5/7/2015
Teri Hayt becomes the first female executive editor of the American Society of News Editors
Adreana Young | 5/6/2015
The Wall Street Journal launches multiplatform brand campaign
Adreana Young | 4/15/2015
Temple University partners with The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and other local media outlets to cover the 2015 mayoral race
Adreana Young | 4/10/2015
Integration X provides newspapers ad production and management solutions
Adreana Young | 4/9/2015
St. Louis Post-Dispatch launches “Ferguson,” a collection of nearly six months of reporting on the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown
Adreana Young | 7/1/2015
Peggy McGlone and Amy Brittain | The Washington Post | 7/2/2015
Erin Griffith | Fortune | 7/2/2015